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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vince Young And Public Speaking Don't Mix

To his credit, Vince Young is trying really hard to say the right things. He just may need a translator to express them for him. Every time he speaks I'm reminded of just how little he grasps the use of the English language. See this interview conducted by ESPN and judge for yourself...

Someone please get this man a 2nd grade grammar textbook and some Hooked On Phonics tapes ASAP.

Vince Young has the talent and athletic ability to maintain a solid NFL career. But I honestly don't think he has the mental capacity to be "Elite". And he still seems a tad bit clueless. He just doesn't get it. Who knows....

Just know that I will not be a believer until he learns how to form proper sentences, as a 3-year college student at Texas University should be able to.


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