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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Video: Marquis Daniels Failed Attempt At Rapping

Someone please tell me this is a joke. Saw this over on fellow blogger Stiletto Jill's spot (check it out, one of my favorite sites)... Boston Celtics journeyman forward Marquis Daniels is the latest in a long string of athletes to try their handing at rapping, with Shaq being the only one to pull it off on a mainstream level (who coincidently is a current teamate of Daniels). Here's the video:

I'm speechless. As Maquis Daniels isn't too significant or recognizable in the sports community this didn't set us back much but it's still pretty ignorant nonetheless. I wonder how long before the Celtics, one of the NBA's classiest and famed organizations, advises Daniels to issue an apology for it. You also have to check out this iced out replica of Daniels that he rocks around his neck....

I'll let Redman express my thoughts...

'Nuff said.


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