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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Video: Jimmer Fredette Scores 43 vs #4 San Diego State

BYU guard Jimmer Fredette is quickly becoming a household name, and for good reason. The kid simply get BUCKETS. In bunches. The 6'2 senior is averaging a NCAA leading 27.4 ppg this season including 33 on Arizona, 39 at UNLV, 47 at Utah and just last night hung 43 while handing #4 San Diego St. their first loss of the season. Here are the highlights:

Wow. The double crossover for the open three at :31 sec mark was just nasty. SO you can see all the hype is legit. In college basketball. I say this because there have been a more than a couple excellent college scorers in recent memory that didn't immediately transfer well into the NBA (Ben Woodside and Lester Hudson come to mind) but none with the media attention that Fredette is receiving so far. Many say he compares very favorably to Steph Curry when he was at Davidson and I can agree with that as they have similar size (Curry is listed at 6'3) and playing styles. But Fredette is playing with a better supporting cast than Curry ever had at Davidson, although I do believe Curry was a better passer. Worth noting.

I will say this, Jimmer's ability to score is undeniable. Even Kevin Durant thinks highly of Fredette, which is evident by this tweet from last night;

Fredette tested the draft waters last season and would have gone pro but the Knicks reportedly would not guarantee they would pick him with their second pick in the 2nd round, which was used to draft Andy Rautins (I still think that was a mistake, but what do I know...) If "The Jimmer" can test out well athletically at the NBA Combine I see no reason why he shouldn't be picked in the latter half of the first round in the 2011 draft as he has the ability to be a J.J. Reddick type scorer in the pros.

Until then, we'll keep watching the kid from Glens Falls with the unique name and sweet jumper get buckets in bunches.


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