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Thursday, January 20, 2011

LTSBlog Exclusive: Q&A W/ LFL Star and Playboy Model Stephanie Noel

Sports and beautiful women go together like peanut butter and jelly or Los Angeles and traffic. So what happens when you combine the two? You get the Lingerie Football League, where teams all-women teams play 7-7 full contact competitive football. Yes, in lingerie. Got your attention right? Right.

The LFL was created in 2009 and currently has 10 teams across the nation. But if you think these ladies don't take the sport seriously think again (click here for the 2010 season trailer that aired on MTV2 this past fall/winter). These women are serious. They're also pretty sexy. You can see for yourself as some of the ladies will be featured in the next issue of Playboy Magazine which hits newstands January 21st (cover shot on the left).

LTSBlog caught up with the gorgeous Stephanie Noel Psick, who plays running back and center for the defending champion Los Angeles Temptation and modeled for the Playboy shoot. We were able to pick her brain about football, the LFL, her picks for the Super Bowl (and of course posing nude for Playboy).

LTSBlog: Who are your biggest competitors, on the field and off?

SNP: My biggest competition would be my own teammates. They are the strongest and most athletic girls I have gone up against. They hit the hardest too! There is so much talent on our team that your starting position never comes easy and is never guaranteed. That’s why we win championships!!!

LTSBlog: What are your hopes for the Lingerie Football League?
SNP: My hope for LFL is that it continues to grow and be successful like is has been. More teams would be great because then we would have more games and more young women have an opportunity to play in this amazing league.

LTSBlog: Where you a football fan before the LFL, or did your interest peak after signing w/ the L.A. Temptation? Did you have a favorite team/player?
SNP: I grew up loving football and wishing that girls could play too! Now we can! My favorite team is the Niners!

LTSBlog: What was it like posing for Playboy? Were you nervous? Is it something you would do again?
SNP: Posing for Playboy was an incredible experience. I was a little nervous at first but everyone was super nice and professional. It is definitely something I would do again. (we approve - Ed.)

LTSBlog: What would you like to be known for more: the greatest LFL champion ever, or the sexiest Playboy centerfold in the magazine's history?
SNP: Both! Being a champion is super sexy! But if I had to choose one, which is tough, it would be to be a champion because being a champion is an incredible feeling and is something I take so much pride in and I’m hoping for a repeat this season!

LTSBlog: Who are you picking for the Super Bowl?
SNP: Steelers vs Packers but I want the Steelers to win.

LTSBlog: What are your plans for the future?
SNP: I plan on playing in the LFL until I collapse and am unable to play. Then have some babies and travel.

Hot, athletic, and loves sports? We're sold. You can catch Stephanie and her L.A. Temptation teammates play the Chicago Bliss for a berth in the Lingerie Bowl Jan. 29th on MTV2 at 8p ET (5p Pacific). Also go pick up the Playboy issue for a closer look at some of the ladies of the LFL.

In the meantiime, here's a few SFW pictures of Stephanie to hold you over. Don't say we never gave you anything.


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