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Friday, January 21, 2011

Video: Austin Rivers 38 Points vs Mike Gilchrist

Here's video of #1 HS player and Duke commit Austin Rivers (son of Doc Rivers) as he squared off against Kentucky bound and also top recruit Mike Gilchrist from a game that was played back on 1/14 (s/o to for the vid)...

Rivers gets buckets. Plain and simple. He finished the game with 38 while Gilchrist put in 22, but Gilchrist's squad came away with the 'W'. Whether or not Duke/Kentucky's star freshmen from this season stick around or jump to the league, it looks like both programs will be fine next year. Rivers is a legit 6'4 with deep range and insane handle, while Gilchrist is already 6'7, 210 and skills to play the small forward as well as anyone in the country.

Keep an eye out for these two for the next decade or so. You'll be hearing their names mentioned in hoop circles more often than not.


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