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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Official Kobe Bryant "Black Mamba" MovieTrailer

If you remember, about a week ago we brought you a couple short teasers for a Nike movie starring Kobe Bryant. Below, you can check out the full thirty second trailer for the production, directed by Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Machete) and will also feature Bruce Willis (-_-)...

So we got Bruce Willis, zombies, and Kobe getting buckets. About what should be expected from Hollywood, right? You can check for the flick during All-Star weekend which also just happens to be out in Los Angeles this year.

And by the way, Kobe is still top 3 in the league.



  1. Kobe is still top 1 in the league, dude.

  2. thats right, Kobe is da man here in L.A. Numero UNO!!!

  3. Man, nothing but mad love for Kobe. No one in the game today works harder or is closer in OVERALL skillset and fundamentals, not to mention...the best clutch baller in the game when it matters most...the post season!

    Lebron, you readin this??? Not hatin on Bron at all, just sayin!!!

    Hard to believe Kobe has been doin the damn thing for 15yrs now, and still adding to his amazing legacy.

    One more rock and he's sittin at the table chillin w/Mike...he's already got an invite "as is."

    Go get that 3rd Kobe.


  4. KOOOOOOOBBBBBBBBBEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I meant to say, get that 3peat, Kobe!

    Definitely possible if we keep on, keepin on.

    Bynum is getting his legs and conditioning, Theo is back and will be another utility big to relieve Pau and Barnes is rehabbing well.

    Will be there June...Go Lakers!!!!!!!!



  7. Man, good win for my Lakers last night. Yes, we absolutely needed that game to right the ship. And, yes a loss would've meant a definite shakeup in the roster. However, the Zen Master does what he does, and Kobe did the "Kobe" thing...all will be right again. lol

    All these haters doubting us, really? really? Silly fk'ng rabbits...don't you know by now that tricks are for kids?!

    Kobe once again, and like soooo many times before, proved he is MONEY when the game is on the line. That was VINTAGE KOBE doin his thing in the 4th quarter.

    On a side note, hats off to Ray Allen, class act who deserves props for achieving his 3 Ball milestone, not to mention, dude is in ridiculous shape for a 35-36yr old.

    Even us Laker fans gotta give the man his due. He's the one dude on that squad I most worry about...damn good player.

    Don't get me wrong...I hate the C's w/a passion and always will, but...I respect the hell out of 'em because injuries or not, those dudes 'bring it' everytime they play us!

    Keep it goin Lakers...nothing but a mid season lull, not lets crank it up for the stretch run.