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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Los Rant!!!

I do not understand why athletes, celebrities or any person that has seen 15 minutes on tv have to stalk or force anyone to have sex. I do know there are two sides to every story and sometimes it comes down to making a bad choice of who you are going to mess around with. That person could definitely already have it in their mind that they are going to get said public figure for everything they are worth. With that said, I think it's absurd for athletes (I'm sticking with them cause it's a sports blog) to feel the need to have to harass or force someone to have sex. You are a friggin ATHLETE, if one doesn't want you then get the next one. It cannot be that tough to get a piece when you are or potentially worth millions. Plus there is the media attention you WILL get, @marcusjnorris and I were talking about the fact that there are people out there whose jobs are to find out what you are doing. Your stalker message will get tweeted... Your death threats for sex will get out... Yes your form fitting, extra sexy outfit will get gawked at (couldn't resist that one)... And finally, although a tad off subject, but yes you cannot beat up your child's mother because she wants someone else. I actually feel bad for that last one because there is no way Mr Someone Else had a chance to defend the honor of his squeeze since he would get KO'd before he can finish the, "I know you didn't just..." speech.

Anyway, please someone explain to me the rational because I sure as hell don't get it...

- @lostherod

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