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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Morning Positive Jamarcus Russell Story

If you were looking for something spiritually rewarding to start your day (since we both know you aren't going to church, and will be watching 12 hours of football instead) here's a nice piece from Adam Schefter about Jamarcus Russell putting his life back together.

Russell is getting assistance from a "life coach" who has experience being both a number 1 overall pick, and a substance abuser. Former NBA star, and a pioneer of the bald-head-mustache-combo, JohnLucas, has been working with Russell for the past few months. The two have been training together daily, and for the first time in his career, Russell seems to be developing this thing called a "work ethic". According to the report, Lucas has had Russell completing multiple 400 yard sprints at 7 a.m. (Step ya game up, Albert Haynesworth.)

Lucas' experience being a recovering addict may be playing a major part of him being able to connect with Russell. Lucas was one of the poster boys for the NBA's drug problem in the 1970's and 1980's, and has admitted to being a cocaine and alcohol abuser. He turned his life around after submitting himself to the NBA's drug treatment program in 1986.

Of course none of this puts Russell back on to an NFL roster anytime soon, and he still has the charges from the codeine arrest hanging over his head. But possibly for the first time in his adult life, Russell has an actual coach to help him direct his life on a proper path. When you think about it, if a player plays multiple years for LSU, and then gets drafted by the Oakland Raiders, has he ever truly had any coaching? (I'm staring at you two, Les Miles and Tom Cable.)

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