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Monday, September 6, 2010

Los That Links 9-6-10

Happy Labor Day! America, (F--- Yeah)!

Speaking of "labor", its a tad bit ironic that the Labor Day Weekend coincides with the NFL Layoff Weekend. While America is celebrating the working man, the NFL is sending men to look for work elsewhere.

Every year, football fans sit back and watch the "Notable Cuts" list scroll across the bottom of their TV screen, and read the list of all-pro/high-priced veterans, former first-round draft picks who've underwhelmed, and college standouts who were looking to catch on with a team, who've all had their plans put on hold in the name of fiscal responsibility.

This year wasn't any different. The all-pro/high-priced veteran (TJ Houshmandzadeh cut by Seattle), the first-round pick who underwhelmed (Matt Leinart cut by Arizona) and the college standout looking to catch on (Colt Brennan, Pat White, Ian Johnson, and another Heisman winner, Troy Smith, were all let go by their teams).

Its all a part of the game. Some of the guys cut sign to new teams quicker than you can say "Houshmandzadeh" (Leinart was signed to a one-year deal with the Houston Texans, and TJ signed for the vets minimum to play in Baltimore). Some will try the same song and dance with a new team next year. Some will go to Canada, the UFL, the Arena League, or if they have no other options, will be playing in a flag football league near you.

We tend to hate on the guys who flamed out, but really, we should wish them the best. What makes a better story, Leinart never starting another NFL game, or him relocating his USC-swag enough to challenge Matt Schaub for a starting position (because we all know, by Week 5, Schaub is going down with an injury)? We love redemption stories in this country, the land of opportunity. This is still America, dammit!

(F--- yeah!)

Los That Links

- In other NFL labor news, Darrelle Revis agreed to terms with the NY Jets just in time for the "Hard Knocks" season finale. Coincidence? I have my doubts.

- Albert Hayensworth may never escape Mike Shanahan's dog house.

- The USA Men's basketball team is back to showing third world countries that despite our economic problems, we can still oppress them on the basketball court.

- 50 Cent is still trying to make a living off of dissing. This time his target is Lebron James. Rushing to James' defense... Perez Hilton?

- Don't look now, but the NL West leading San Diego Padres have dropped 10 straight (opening the door for my beloved Giants).

- College football came back into our lives this weekend. What better way to start off a season than with:

A Hail Mary TD pass to a 6'8" freshman?

How about a road win by an FCS team against an SEC team coming off back-to-back Sugar Bowl wins?

Or, what about a kid returning to play after a bout with cancer?

Even better, Michigan and Notre Dame looking like real football programs, and not washed-up shadows of their formerly dominant selves?

God still loves a sloppy Florida without a Tebow to be found?

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