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Monday, September 20, 2010

Quick Hitters

I just wanted to give my thoughts on a couple of things from the sports weekend...

- Michael Vick had his chance to prove what he can do against a not so great defense when the Eagles played the Lions. He threw for almost 300yds, 2 scores and made things happen when some other QBs would have been sacked. I think the intangible here is that Vick is probably the most athletic person on the field and he has escapability. He has the ability to turn a 5yd loss into a 35yd gain or even a TD run. Vick also showed he can put great touch on the ball while back pedalling, it was a great play even though it ended up incomplete after review. Kevin Kolb is going to be the starter next week and he has his chance to prove what he can do against a slightly better Jaguar defense. Good luck to Sir Kolb cause Vick has proven so far, based on the eye test, he should be the starter this season.

- In college football, Houston Cougars lost two of their QB's over the weekend. Senior Case Keenum went down with a torn ACL trying to make a tackle. This sparks the "When to Make The Jump..." debate. Keenum, a Heisman hopeful, could have and should have, made the jump to the NFL after his JR season. He put up video game numbers in Houston's offense last season and probably would have re-written some of the record books this season. Now he is out for the season and has the road to recovery to embark on.

Personally, I am torn on this debate because there are some hopefuls who have no business leaving early. They get gassed up by their respective circle of advisers, get a payday and end up failing. At the same time there are others, like Keenum and Sam Bradford before him, who should make the leap to the NFL early but end up getting injured in their last college season. Looks like in the end the good payday outweighs the potential of being successful. Dah Well, hope recovery goes well for Mr Keenum and he is able to do some productive things in the NFL.

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