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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Los Put Up Or Los STFU

Last week, via Twitter, Anthony Ramsey (@A_Ramsey) and I (@marcusjnorris) got into a debate over the Philadelphia Eagle starting QB situation. My position was Michael Vick should be the starter because he gives them the best chance to win. His argument was that Kevin Kolb is the future of the franchise, and shouldn't lose his job to injury after only one half of one game.

We both were right. Just ask us.

It was announced yesterday by head coach Andy Reid that Vick would remain the starter, but that was only hours after Reid said Kolb was the man. Amid the confusion, I was inspired to create a list of this weeks four "Los That Put Up, or STFU" sports storylines. These are the three stories where there is a lot of scuttlebutt about a particular situation, but there needs to be no more talking, just action.

(It could become a running theme, or my ADHD could kick in, and it will pass like bad gas. Either way...yeah...)

1.) Mike Vick is an NFL Starter Again, Now What?

We know (hope) he isn't fighting dogs anymore. We know (hope) he is studying and preparing better than he ever has in his career. But we also know (know) that he's still stuck behind a shaky line, and he leads the league in being sacked. Reid says that he's "Playing out of his mind" right now, but really, he's playing the same way he did when he was at an all-pro level with the Atlanta Falcons. Back then, he had great running games, good passing games, and the occasional 40 percent completion game. He's still a running QB, but he's shown that he's thinking at least a split second longer before deciding to run, and Reid is probably having visions of some Steve Young-in-his-prime type of performances.

Vick has always been a rallying source for every team he's ever played on, and the guys in the locker room seem to be his biggest fans (save Kolb). Ultimately, this is Vick's time to show and prove. He must win games, and he must win them now.

2.) Shed Not One Single Tear for Singletary

The San Francisco 49ers came into this season expecting to make the playoffs. They also apparently thought that once their opponents found out what they expected of themselves, that they'd just lie down, and let them reach their destiny. That's the only rationale I can use to explain their first 5 quarters of the 2010 season.

Now I admit, I'm a fan, so my views are skewed. I also know that head coach Mike Singletary is given the credit for his leadership ability, his motivation tactics, and his requirement that everyone hold himself accountable. Well, Mike, after watching the 49ers begin the season on such a flat note (against a division opponent, no less), and then the in-fighting about the play-calling, its best you carry the weight.

You lost to Pete Carroll, and his college-like enthusiasm. You decided to hire Old Man River (Jimmy Raye) to run your offense. You decided that Alex Smith was your best option at quarterback, when you could've pursued Donovan McNabb, Vick, or even kept Nate Davis. Your team almost completed an epic comeback against the New Orleans Saints on Monday night, but bonehead/untimely turnovers ultimately did you in, and now your team is 0-2, and a statistical longshot to make the playoffs. Bible quotes won't get you out of this one. Put up, or STFU.

3.) Carmelo Will Definitely, Maybe be Traded to Somebody or Nobody

I haven't heard the man himself, Carmelo Anthony, come out publicly and demand to be traded. But every two weeks or so, an un-named source speaks to reporters about a possible trade either being in the works, or totally out of the question. This is really infringing on my ability to focus entirely on the NFL start/MLB playoffs during the month of September, when the NBA should be in the further back recesses of my mind.

But Anthony is a top ten-to-fifteen NBA talent, and him switching addresses will have a definite impact on the landscape of the league. If he goes to New Jersey, as is rumored, then four- fifths of the NBA Futures (Lebron, D-Wade, Melo, Dwight Howard, and Kevin Durant) stock will reside in the Eastern Conference. If he moves to Los Angeles (Clippers), as is rumored, then he will be the first legit superstar NBA player to play for the Clippers while still in his prime. No, Elton Brand doesn't count.

Of course he could also just sign his max extension, stay in Denver, and the entire conversation is moot.

Either way, put up, or STFU so I can get my focus back to its proper place. Ya'll already got me for 82 games, plus playoffs, and an occaisional "Decision". I promise to DVR LaLa's new show if you wrap this situation up within the week.

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