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Friday, September 24, 2010

That Phil Thing He Do

The Zen Master is at it again.

When it comes to sneak-dissing in the NBA, Phil Jackson is king. Jackson met with the press today, and spoke about a number of topics ranging from a shot at a fourth 3-peat, Kobe Bryant's health, Andrew Bynum's knee, and of course, the Miami Heat. Here's his quote about the Heat:

"I think it's quite a surprise to all of us in the NBA that this was what happened... I think a lot of people have taken shots at Miami because of that, but I think its all fair game. Players can go out and recruit. General managers and coaches can't. They did a great job of recruiting these players. These players obviously wanted to collude together and do this. It's going to make for a very exciting season, I think, and its going to be something that players and people are going to look forward to seeing on the floor."

Translation; that's "Phil-speak" for "Kiss the eleven rings, b-----s. See you Christmas day."

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