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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reggie Bush Gives Up Heisman

Say it ain't so Reggie! Per this report seen on, former USC and current New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush has decided to give up the prestigious Heisman trophy he won for his on field performance back in 2005. This coming after the NCAA hit USC with sanctions for improper benefits Bush received as a student athlete during his time at the university.

After reading his statement that was released by the Saints organization, I can say that Bush handled the situation with as much class as can be expected. But let that be me in the same situation, and there is no way I am conceding an award that I earned with hard work and my exploits on the football field week in and week out. And if runner-up Vince Young puts on a publicity-laden campaign for the trophy I will lose what little respect I have left for the BCS/Heisman joke of committees.

USC athletics has had a tough last couple of months...


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