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Friday, February 11, 2011

Paul Silas on Michael Jordan: "If He Got In Shape, He Would Probably Average 20"

Charlotte Bobcats part owner Michael Jordan is and will arguably remain the greatest player in NBA history (just accept it.) but per  these comments from Bobcats head coach Paul Silas, His Airness still has a little NBA-caliber game in him. Here are some of the quotes:

"If he got in shape he could probably average about 15 to 20 points a game, no question, because he still has the shot," Silas said Friday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "If he got in shape, he would probably average 20 because he can get the shot off, he can make them, and he has just an uncanny knowledge of the game.

"He really understands how to play and that's why he is important to my guys and what they should be doing out there and what they should be looking for. It's just phenomenal what he can still do at that age."

Here was my reaction upon reading said quotes:

So... do they drug test head coaches these days? Sure, the thought of seeing Michael Jordan lace up some of those retro Jordans and get out on the court against LeBron, Kobe, etc is fun to visualize and simulate on NBA2K11, but let's be serious here for a second. Michael Jordan will be 48 years old on Feb. 17th. and probably a good 40-50 pounds out of "game shape". There is no way in hell he can play 20+ minutes in today's NBA and average anywhere close to 20ppg. I'm sure he can still shoot and still has that great basketball IQ and savvy, but Jordan would be a liability on defense and with his limited athletic ability opponents can simply crowd him to take away the jumper.

Could he maybe play about 10 minutes a game and get close to double digits? Yes. But 20 point a night?? Nah, playa. He's human. Or at least as far as we know he is.



  1. He's not human, he's His Airness, man!

  2. Good god, did you READ Silas' quote? He says "if he was in shape" not once, but twice!

    Get your head out of your ass and read the context of Silas' quote. Otherwise, stop declaring Silas should be drug-tested. Only person who should be drug-tested is you, for writing this crappy article.

  3. @Norman Dale - Why so serious? A sense of humor is a healthy thing, sir. If you read further, the article explains why it would be highly unlikely for Jordan to average 20 points a game, siting his age and the type of defense today's players can use to slow him down.

    But thanks for the comment.