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Saturday, February 12, 2011

LTSBlog Debate: Is Carmelo Anthony Or Andrew Bynum Better For The Lakers?

Amidst all the Carmelo Anthony drama ans trade rumors lately, the was a bizarre trade scenario reported by ESPN's Chris Broussard (figures) claiming that the Los Angeles Lakers were in talks with the Denver Nuggets regarding a Anthony for Andrew Bynum swap. Although the rumors were shot down by the Lakers players and management the rumors set the internet blogs and chat rooms going bonkers. So for the sake of debate LTSBlog's ALR & @lostherod had a debate regarding the pros and cons of a Anthony for Bynum swap. I (ALR) was against the deal while @lostherod was in favor. Enjoy.

@lostherod: After hearing all the speculation about the Lakers trading Andrew Bynum for Carmelo Anthony, what do you actually think about it?

ALR: I would pass on trading Bynum for Carmelo. Couldn't risk giving up a top 10 center just for a wing scorer. Your thoughts?

@lostherod: I would make the trade happen. I don't think Bynum has lived up to his potential billing because of his problems staying on the court, i.e injuries and foul trouble.

ALR: I can see that, but in the same regard Bynum is only 23 and is still getting better. The Lakers best asset is their size up front and trading Bynum away with no front court depth would be a huge blow to their chances at a 3-peat.

@lostherod: True... Statistically, there are 2 categories where Bynum has Carmelo beat, Blocks and Fouls. Carmelo is averaging the same amount of rebounds, more assists, and clearly more points. I think you can sacrafice that presence for 15-20pts above what Bynum is currently averaging, and you can preserve Kobe Bryant for when it truly matters, like say a Game 7 in Boston or Miami.

ALR: That is assuming that you get to the finals without Bynum. Carmelo definitely is an upgrade offensively. But trading him away with no big man in return means more minutes for Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom. Who else would they bring in to defend the basket, Derrick Caracter? He's undersized and nowhere near ready.

@lostherod: On defense, there would have to be a scheme, just like there was when Bynum was hurt during the playoffs I believe his first year. That's where the offensive perspective comes into play because defense would most definitely suffer. I don't see the Spurs or Mavericks have an answer for the threat of 2 elite scorers and whatever Pau and Lamar can contribute on the side. It would also take pressure of the Laker Bench, which has seemed to lose a step

ALR: When Bynum was hurt a couple seasons ago the Lakers had more depth up front with Kwame Brown (I know, I know). DJ Mbenga and Ronny Turiaf. This year, not so much. I don't think offense is the issue. Defense and having someone to protect the basket against the penetrating guards in the west is Bynum's best asset to the team.

@lostherod: That's actually where I have a problem with Bynum. He looks extra slow on defense, and he's not really protecting the basket like he should be. Granted, going through that many knee/leg issues would slow anyone down, but he is doing intangible things that are not characteristics of a person anchoring a defense. If the action isn't happening in front of him, he can't recover laterally. He looks like he is jogging during transition defense, or is that full speed? When guards do penetrate, he stands still, and if he jumps he gets whistled...

ALR: Good point but the playoffs are also a month away, giving Bynum time to get healthy. He played solid defense [Feb. 10th] against the Celtics and I think he will be in better shape come April. And Carmelo has never been an "interested" defender in any right.

@lostherod: I do agree with both of those and again, I see the potential. In his game [Feb. 10], Carmelo put up 42pts and Afflalo hit a game winner [against Dallas]. In a different jersey I can see that same situation happening, with a Kobe Bryant that has coasted throughout the game taking over when it matters most. It's all in the intangibles...

ALR: I like what Carmelo brings to the table but I just can't agree with trade potential for what is already a strength to the Lakers. They've won back to back rings with size and I think Carmelo would help them long term but hinder them this season.
Thoughts, comments or opinions to add to our debate? Leave a comment expressing your point of view. We're always game for a good debate.

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  1. I totally agree. The only way u do that trade is if u can include artest and get a another big body center for defensive purposes whether its nene or someone else from a 3rd team