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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DeAndre Jordan Dunkfest vs Bucks

A lot of people forget that DeAndre Jordan is only 22 years old and only spent one year at Texas A&M before bouncing to the pros. Or maybe because he plays for the Clippers they just don't care. Either way, D.J. had himself a smashing good time last night against the Milwaukee Bucks front line:

You have to admit, the 2010-2011 Clippers are a lot of fun to watch. They won the game last night 105-98, with Jordan filling up the stat sheet with 16 point, 7 boards and 5 blocks. Jordan has done a solid job filling in as a starter and is making injured Chris Kaman look more and more expendable every month.

Oh and that Griffin kid pitched in 32, but we'll let DeAndre get his shine for the moment.


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