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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Los That Links: T'was the Night Before Super Bowl

How do you come up with something creative, original, and though-provoking for a sports website during Super Bowl season? The NFL season finale is upon us, and the one sport that can legitimately claim to be ruler over all things sport in America, has been impossibly dissected, scrutinized, examined, and any other word you would use to express those sentiments.

So what do you do if you're in our shoes, and are looking to provide our own proverbial log to accelerate the Super Bowl fire? Links, baby. Interesting, made-to-order, mother-lovin' links.

Los That Super Bowl Links (Super Bowl story lines)

- EA Sports has already decided the winner to Super Bowl XLV. That should free up your Sunday to do those chores your wife/mom has for you.

- When stat geeks put their powers to good use, stuff like this happens. The Pac-10 is well represented in Super Bowl history.

- PORN! So, remember the last time the Steelers made the Super Bowl, and folks in Arizona had their game interrupted with 37-seconds of porn? Well...

- A two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback, an accused rapist, and an image-rehabbing NFL star go to a bar. Stop me if you've heard this one before.

- Personally, I love Buzz Bissenger because he's such a chap-ass. Here he is with his curmudgeonly hype on the Super Bowl hype.

- Jason Whitlock with his take on the 2011 NFL Hall of Fame class, and why denying entry to a fellow fat man will make him cry.

- Bill Romanowski picks the Packers to win. More importantly, now is a good time to appreciate that Romanowski is the only linebacker to start in five Super Bowls, winning four times. See what steroids can do for you?

- Get your Super Bowl XLV gamble on (where it's legal).

- Lil Wayne versus Wiz Khalifa. Loser has to get a face-tattoo. (Wait a minute...)

Non-Super Bowl, but still NFL-related links

- Mark Sanchez may have a Long Island Lolita.

- Michael Vick never wanted to go to that party that bore his name (and Roger Goodell asked him not to attend) in the first place. (Yeah baby, I really don't want to go to the strip club with the homies. I just wanna stay here with you tonight and watch "Real Housewives of Atlanta".)

- It's fun to play like Chad Ochocinco-Johnson is unintelligent, but really, we know he's not.

- Google "Goodell, Labor issues", and you get about 5,832,964,897,692 articles. Some positive, mostly not. Here's a negative piece worth reading.

- Dave McKenna of the Washington City Paper listened to "Hit Em Up", "Takeover" and "Ether" for 72-consecutive hours, then wrote this piece on Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder back in November. Now Snyder wants to sue for libel.

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