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Monday, February 14, 2011

Five NBA Players Most Likely To Be Traded By Deadline

With the NBA trade deadline just ten days away (Feb. 24th) there will be rumors and possible scenarios flying around in abundance over the next week and for good reason. There are a lot of good players that can change a good team into a legitimate contender. Here's a lot at five players who I feel have the highest chances of being dealt before the deadline and why:

1. Tayshaun Prince, Detroit Pistons
The Tayshaun Prince trade talk has be relatively quiet but best believe he's a hot commodity. He can guard multiple positions, knock down shots and handle the basketball smoothly. The most attractive thing is his expiring contract and there is little chance he will resign with Detroit. The Pistons aren't contenders this season and have youth on the wing (Austin Daye, DaJuan Summers) so look for Prince to most likely be in a different uni soon.

2. Anthony Parker, Cleveland Cavs
The Cavs are the worst team in the NBA, so Parker shouldn't be too hard to acquire for a potential playoff team (the Bulls have shown the most interest). He's a big shooting guard that can spread the floor and hit 3's consistently. I think the only reason he is still in Cleveland to this point is because he's coming off a back injury and teams are waiting to see how he responds. Parker appears healthy now and should be on the move in the next week, freeing more playing time for Manny Harris to take over the 2-guard spot.

3. Anthony Randolph, New York Knicks
The question isn't if Randolph will be traded, it's when and to where. He is clearly out of the Knicks plans. Randolph does have a ton of potential and played well for Golden State last season before getting injured (11.6 ppg, 6.5 rpg in only 23 minutes) and can produce if given the right opportunity. Randolph is also only 21 years old. The biggest issue besides injury may be his contract which carries a $7 mil price tag on the books over the next 2 seasons.

4. O.J. Mayo, Memphis Grizzlies
Mayo is returning from his 10-game suspension this week and it will be interesting to see how the Grizzlies incorporate him into their game plan as the team went 8-2 in his absence. He'll most likely go back to his reserve role but with limited minutes. Mayo is still a quality starting shooting guard and only 23 so there will be many teams calling about taking him off of the Grizzlies hands. He's on the books for 2 more seasons as a reasonable salary so a team such as Dallas or Minnesota may be willing to take a flier on the talented 2-guard.

5. Carmelo Anthony, Denver Nuggets
It would be a cardinal sin to talk NBA trade scenarios and not mention 'Melo, even more so since he has been playing lights out lately. As he has remained in Denver to this point and still has yet to sign that 3-year $65 mil extension that has been pending since last summer. Even though he says he would consider signing the extension, Melo also said if he was not dealt by the deadline. Reading between the lines it seems like a rush tactic to persuade a potential suitor to pull the trigger (looks over at the Knicks front office).

There can and will definitely be other deals in the works over the next ten days, but these are the five players who I can see being moved sooner than later. We will keep you on the up & up on any movement as the deadline approaches.


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