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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Give Someone An Inch...

... And they'll take a 100 mil and run with it.

Can't say that I'm surprised by this story one bit. What did you expect to happen when you give someone $41 mil guaranteed in the first 13 months of a 7 year/$100 million dollar deal? Of course Albert Haynesworth is going to take the money, play half-assed for the first year, collect on his roster bonus and then skip mini-camp because he doesn't like his role in the new coaching staff's defense (which he has yet to play in). What's next; showing up to training camp out of shape? Wait, that just happened. I'm sure he's been eating real well with $41 mil he's pocketed so far.

Just another example of rewarding a player before they prove their value to your franchise. Yes, Haynesworth was a BEAST for Tennessee in 2008; that's because he playing for a new contract! History has proven that players with "potential" to be great have a tendency to step it up in contract years, get a huge deal, then lay an egg once they cash in. Haven't we learned from players like Jerome James (currently collecting multi millions from NY for no production whatsoever) or Super Bowl XXX Larry Brown (Al davis at his finest!). The smart GM's are the ones who offer these types of players incentive-laiden deals where the player can only cash in by reaching performance escalators.

But in Albert Haynesworth's defense, all you can say is "Don't hate the playa, hate the game." Getcha money Fat Al!


1 comment:

  1. My motto: You're only worth as much as someone is signing on the dotted line to pay you. Haynesworth, Jerome, Larry, I can't knock them because some rich guy is dumb enough to write a check. Get ya' money playboy! You've got stripping women that need tuition.