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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NBA Off-Circu... I mean Off-Season

Where to begin... If we have learned anything from this off-season, it's that anything is possible in the NBA. The photo is direct proof of that. So let's start with the free agency, and specifically LeBron "Prince" James (can't be a king until you win a ring, kid).

I can't fault James for wanting to bolt Cleveland. It has proven to be extremely difficult to draw the right pieces to help LeBron bring a championship to the Cavs. What baffles me is, why would arguably the most physically talented player in the league basically concede that he can't win it alone and play Robin to D-Wade's Batman? (Chris Bosh is Alfred in this scenario). And the way the signing was announced shows what's wrong with the modern athlete. Too much ego, not enough substance. At least he could let the Cavs know ahead of time and saved the franchise major embarassment instead of hosting a glorified hour-long special for a 1 minute announcement. LeBron needs to take a few crash courses on class, in my opinion.

But who is to blame for LeBron's overblown image of himself. THE MEDIA. For bestowing the mantra "King James" oh him before his rookie season in the NBA. For comparing him to greats of the game. (ex. Magic, Jordan and, yes, Kobe Bryant and in some cases proclaiming him to be better? Really??). We created this self absorbed ego of LeBron. Are we witnesses? Yes, to a player who did more damage than good to his legacy in one off-season than any athlete in recent memory.

I guess if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Have fun watching the Lakers celebrate that 3-peat fellas.


* Ed. Note - lostherod

To reiterrate the above before I go on this rant, LeBron clearly has every right to go where he wants to go. Now that's out the way...

I think LeBron doesn't have it in him, at this stage, to truly be "The Man" because his game is quite limited. He is a freakish athlete that can get to the cup at will, can get streaky from behind the arc and see the floor nicely. He is also one of the fastest players from one end of the floor to the other which accounts for those SC quality blocks.

The limits come in the facets of the game that actually make great player stand out and be great. Coming back with new additions to your game in the offseason, like a midrange, a real pullup jumper (not the dance dance revolution one), maybe some real man to man d, possibly good counter moves within the offense, just to name a few. These things make him predictable and allow defenses to swarm him and make.. well we know how his Cleveland story ends...

At the end of the day he needs someone to actually win for him cause he doesn't have that CLUTCH and Wade has proven he does. So I don't blame The Prince at all for "taking is talents to Outback Steakhouse" (The Decision, Steve Carrell). It jus shows what basketball minds already know, he is no Kobe and most definitely no Jordan.

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